Short and sweet.

Two words to live by when asking people to fill out course evaluations of any kind.

Yet many organizations, colleges and universities struggle to increase the number of responses.

So what’s the solution?

An approach that makes sense is reverting back to a time-tested marketing philosophy – if you build it efficiently, they will come.

“It” being an evaluation process that enhances the student experience and ensures total volunteered participation through the promise of intelligent confidentiality, ease of use, convenience, and quick action to feedback.

That’s exactly what Blue/Evaluations delivers.

Course Evaluation Software that Adapts to the Needs of Your Institution

  • Blue/Evaluations is software designed specifically to create course evaluations

    Effectively tap into the complex relationships that tie students -> courses -> instructors together. The system also naturally supports team-taught courses, cross listed courses and other cross-functional possibilities.

  • Blue/Evaluations is able to create course evaluations that are highly adaptable to your evolving needs

    Blue offers course evaluation technology that works for you, built on the premise that each learning organization, college and university has its own unique set of priorities and expectations.

  • Blue/Evaluations is course evaluation software that raises response rates and student satisfaction

    It does this via its demonstrated promise of intelligent confidentiality, ease of use, convenience and quick action.

Enterprise-Class Course Evaluation Software System

  • Blue/Evaluations allows you to fully automate and implement your course evaluations

    From start to finish, in a very straightforward and autonomous process.

  • Blue/Evaluations fully integrates with Your IT infrastructure

    Synchronize student, faculty, and course data directly from your information systems.  Embed course evaluations and surveys directly into your student portal and connect your data in 3rd party business intelligence systems.

  • Blue/Evaluations is highly accessible course evaluation software

    It’s in full compliance with  WCAG 2.0, Section 508, and CLF 2.0 standards.  Anyone can provide feedback in any way they can (any browser, any input device).

  • Blue/Evaluations provides a “Green” cost savings alternative

    Blue by eXplorance™ helps you reduce paper and move to completely online course evaluations. Blue’s powerful scanner friendly paper form generator engine allows you to gradually migrate to a fully web-based option so you can enjoy substantial cost benefits and enhanced sustainability, but also ensure that your organization’s resources are ultimately prepared for the transition.

Blue is course evaluation software that streamlines your course evaluation process enabling you to generate a high response rate from students who find it a painless experience to deliver feedback regarding your courses.