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Response Rate

Quick access to Response Rates & Analytics

Want access to dynamic response rate data at your fingertips? Look no further!

Blue 5.5.4 includes interactive response rate monitoring where you can: manage campaigns and targets, view live responses, analyze detailed response data, track where responses are coming from, and take action.

Blue 5.5.4
Continuous Improvement



Personalize reports with colour customization and substantially speed up processing time

Project Management

Project Management

Experience a more flexible and efficient project management experience with enriched analytics

Continuous Improvement
User Experience

User Experience

Benefit from new usability features and tailor the look and feel of Blue screens



Increase data monitoring with enhanced functionality

New 5.5.4 Features

Response Rate Dashboard

Response Rate Monitoring

  • Track responses across all subjects and use one click filtering, searching, and grouping
  • Manage campaigns, response rate targets, and milestones
  • View response status and detailed demographic and response rate data
  • See where responses are coming from, by device, browser, and location
User Experience

User Experience

  • Manipulate question and report block lists easily with enhanced mouse button actions
  • View breadcrumbs on projects and reports to easily track the navigation path
  • Customize the look of the sign in and out pages with background images, logos, and colors


  • Customize the colors of graphs and charts for each report with the intuitive color selector
  • Optimize processing time for merged subjects (cross-listed courses)
  • Enhance the Spreadsheet report block with additional calculations for percentile ranking
Project Management

Project Management

  • Capture analytics for form fill out tasks with easy exports for further analysis
  • Administer evaluations automatically based on start/end dates or any available date field
  • Opt to configure the subject approval process


  • Send email notifications when data is imported through any method
  • Customize notifications for each datasource
  • Automate import verification alerts
  • Include the data import log within the body of the email

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At eXplorance, we believe that improvement is at the heart of progress. That is why we developed Blue®, an all-in-one assessment system that puts ‘being better’ at the forefront. Blue comprehensively measures needs, expectations, knowledge, competencies, and skills and provides advanced reporting & analytics. Along with Bluepulse® and eXplorance professional services, we offer targeted and personalized evaluation solutions. Working together, we can make continuous improvement a reality.

Bluepulse® is an adaptive social feedback tool designed to help instructors discover what to start doing, what to stop doing, and what to continue doing to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Discover an explosion of data points by converting open-ended comments into meaningful insights with Blue Text Analytics.

Using the Learning Experience Management (LEM) framework, we help organizations mine their data to build a culture of continuous improvement.

By gathering all stakeholder feedback, LEM enables organizations to benchmark, assess, analyze, take action, and monitor progress. The result is high sustainable stakeholder engagement and an increased return on expectations (ROE).

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