Blue applications

Blue - A Powerful All-In-One Assessment System for Continuous Improvement

Blue® is an all-in-one assessment system that measures needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies through a variety of feedback software applications:

Through Blue, and a Learning Experience Management (LEM) framework, we focus on developing a culture of improvement to realize the full benefits of an organization. As the ‘one stop listening hub’, Blue provides benchmarks, stakeholder assessments, sophisticated reporting, adapted insights, and continuous monitoring.

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Be strategic,

Let Blue

do the rest

  • Return on Expectations
    Measure all stakeholder benefits to effectively evaluate the impact of programs and initiatives. Monitor improvement against benchmarks to ensure a high return on expectations (ROE).
  • Minimized IT Involvement
    Reach autonomy in the assessment process, reducing administrative burden and IT requests.
  • Sustainable Engagement
    Engage all stakeholders in a culture of improvement through active listening and continuous assessment.

Anytime, Anywhere, for Everyone!

At eXplorance, accessibility is not just a social responsibility, it’s our commitment. By applying thoughtful solutions to all accessibility challenges, Blue goes beyond WCAG 2.0 (AA) and Section 508 of the ADA compliance. That way, we can provide an equivalent experience and ensure that all voices are heard.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere, any device