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The convergence of social, mobile, and the Cloud is altering the way that people behave and interact. With the connected nature of social media, expectations have changed and the pressure to respond quickly has increased. That’s why it’s crucial to have a tool that can collect real-time feedback to stimulate continuous improvement.


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Drive Learning and Improvement

Bluepulse is an adaptive social feedback tool designed to accelerate learning and improvement. Through the use of mobile and online technologies, Bluepulse makes the online feedback process easy, anonymous, and instant. By collecting daily insights, individuals and organizations can discover what to start, stop, and continue doing to progress. Putting ‘being better’ at the forefront, Bluepulse uses formative feedback to help everyone become more effective.

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  • Engagement: Raise engagement with 100% anonymous participation and responses.
  • Social: Increase feedback frequency and social engagement with daily suggestions.
  • Mobile: Collect insights anytime, anywhere through any mobile device or browser; no app required.
  • Private: Control access to results to ensure confidentiality and privacy.
  • Tracking: View aggregate scores and track improvement opportunities.
  • Integration: Increase portal traffic and participation by integrating Bluepulse with any Portal or LMS.

How Bluepulse Works:

Bluepulse offers specific suggestions, so that every person, product, or service can improve. Below is an example of how Bluepulse can be leveraged for professional development purposes. An individual seeking improvement feedback:

1. Asks for suggestions from raters (i.e. coworkers, management, peer groups, etc.).
2. Creates an initiative to improve based on a competency, skill, or other area.
3. Publishes the initiative and gives raters the opportunity to voice their opinion on the individual's progress.
4. Monitors ratings and makes adjustments to continuously develop.

  • It is essential that we connect with students to gather timely feedback about the teaching and learning experience, as well as the relationship between students and services. Bluepulse achieves this: it is both social and dynamic allowing us to capture feedback in real-time for the implementation of timely initiatives.
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